Church History

Two Churches Combine   Coryland Church, located near the "four corners" of Coryland, officially began in 1909, when a Baptist Church and a Presbyterian Church federated under the pastorate of Rev. Seymour Barrett.

The Baptist Church of Columbia and Wells had its origin at the Haven Schoolhouse on April 13, 1846. The Baptist Hill Church was erected in 1853 on land that was donated by the Edsall family on Baptist Hill Road. This structure was destroyed by fire caused by lightening on Palm Sunday, March 24, 1991. A beautiful stone marker with an etching of the church and a large pavilion in the shape of a cross now stand in its place.

The Presbyterian Church of Wells and Columbia was organized by a committee that met with local residents to set up the church in the log Aspinwall Schoolhouse on February 22, 1832. In 1839 the project was undertaken to build the church building for $900. The dedication of the sanctuary was held on October 24, 1840.

Since they were federated, the two congregations have continued to meet together as one, though membership is tracked according to each person's denomination. The Presbyterian Church building was used throughout the year with the exception of July and August when services were held in the Baptist Church building. This was done because the Baptist building did not have electricity or running water. Summer services were held there until the church burned.

On September 27, 1992 a congregational meeting was held and it was voted to join the assets of both congregations, giving the Presbyterians and Baptists each an undivided half interest of all property. A contemporary-style home was donated for use as a manse by Marjorie Durkin in the 1990's.

Each congregation chooses its own deacons or elders and trustees, who meet together as a combined church board.