What to Expect


People. People who are friendly, relaxed, real, who love and follow Jesus, and will welcome you with open arms and hearts. We don’t take ourselves very seriously but we take our relationship with Jesus as really important.

People who believe in, follow and love Jesus. We believe He is our God, our Lord, our Savior, our Guide, our Hero, and our Friend and we really want to let Him have His way in our lives.

People who will welcome and accept you. We know we are all on a journey in life with God and you are welcome no matter where you are in life and your journey with God. You will find friends who will care for you.

Worship. We come together in the belief that Jesus wants to be with those who love Him and really want to connect with Him and His life-changing love; we invite Him to be real every time we meet.



Come in, sit back, relax, enjoy the music; look at the bulletin and check out the current happenings.

Greeting and Announcements

We start by a simple greeting and then share a few announcements about current and future events.

Worship through Song

Listen or participate in a celebration of God’s goodness through song. We use a hymnal.

Choir/Special Music

We have some great people who sing to God’s glory each week and share their love of worship through song with us each week.

Sharing and Prayer

We are a real family here at Coryland Church. We take time every Sunday to share what God is doing in our lives as well as the concerns we have that we want prayer for; we "are happy with those who are happy and cry with those who cry" (Romans 12:15). This is a very special time on Sunday morning.

Giving to God

We are glad to give to God’s work in the world (not just a budget) and we give freely. In fact, our small church helps support over two dozen individuals and ministries in this country and around the world. Giving is for those who have made Coryland Church their church home; if you are visiting we are glad you are here and thank you for letting us minister to you.

Morning Talk

In church we call this a “sermon” but it is a talk from our Pastor (or another speaker) taking the truths of the Bible and helping them “jump off the page” to how God is real and active in our lives today. We want to know what God is saying to us about His ways in our lives; more importantly, we want to do what He says because His ways are life.


Our desire is to be a family of followers of the Lord Jesus who worship, know, serve and enjoy Him;

where we are given opportunities to grow to be like Him, and

we join together to help others connect with a life-changing God,

and have fun doing it.